Enter In

Romans 4:3 — What we read in Scripture is, “Abraham entered into what God was doing for him, and that was the turning point. He trusted God to set him right instead of trying to be right on his own” (MSG).

Notice that Abraham entered into what God was doing for him. I like to say it like this: “We should be doing what God is blessing, rather than ask Him to bless what we are doing.”

Think about it. How many times do we enter into some situation, business, job, or relationship without seeking God concerning it? We never even ask Him if it is what He wants for our lives. Then, before long, we are worn out and burned out. There is no enabling power or strength to accomplish tasks that are not part of God’s perfect plan for our lives. There is no grace there.

On the other hand, when we seek God, spend time in His word, and develop a relationship with the Holy Spirit, we will know when and how to enter into what God is doing for us. How did Abraham see God’s promises fulfilled? He walked by faith.

He walked obediently, even when or after he had missed it. He built altars to God and worshiped. He made room for God, and most importantly, he never quit. Here are five keys to victorious living: 1. Faith, 2. Obedience, 3. Worship, 4. Prayer, and 5. Perseverance. So, enter into what God is doing for you. It is a grand adventure!

—Heidi Jonker

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