I Will

Psalm 146:2I will praise the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live (NIV).

I will praise.

I will sing.

Making the decision to give God glory changes everything from your attitude to how you treat people. Every weekday morning, during the school year, I work the car line at Forest Hill Jr. High. Honestly, it’s not always my first choice to be there. We let in at 7:00am, so it’s an early start to the day as it is. Then, on days like yesterday, it can be 28 degrees. I’m not going to lie; my bed sounded really nice!

It’s because of such feelings that I make it a habit to praise and sing every single day before I report for duty. (A lot of times I sing as the students arrive too.) When I do so, it gives me energy, creates expectation, and makes me genuinely excited to greet the kids. Any ill feelings I had about getting up early to stand in sub-freezing temperatures quickly subside. I’m one of the first people hundreds of students see in the morning, and they don’t deserve to be welcomed by a disgruntled sourpuss.

One of the eighth grade students who daily helps in the car line frequently says to me: “Mr. Jonker, you’re always so happy and singing in the morning.” I always thank her and say, “It’s because I choose to be.”

Oh, how different the world around us would be if we’d just make up our minds and hearts to praise and sing when we want to moan and complain! I challenge you today to take inventory of the many blessings you have in your life. Start there. Give God thanks for them, and walk out the door this morning with a smile on your face.

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