I Ran a Marathon

1 Thessalonians 5:11So encourage each other and build each other up (NLT).

About 47 hours ago, more than 4,000 people were herded into a corral for the start of the Louisiana Marathon in Baton Rouge. Heidi and I were two of them. Most would run “only” the half marathon (13.1 miles), but we signed up for the full thing (26.2 miles). It was an incredible experience! Heidi finished in just under five hours, and I clocked in at just over five and a half. Quite an accomplishment for both of us!

But the road to crossing that finish line didn’t come easy for either of us. Heidi has been running since she was thirteen, and it has always been on her bucket list to run a marathon before the age of forty. I started running consistently about twelve years ago, and I sheepishly promised to run one with her. We typically run three miles at a time, and I honestly had no desire to ever run more than that. (The longest I had ever run was nine miles when we considered running a half marathon last year.)

When we began training together, Heidi was invaluable to me. She was a constant encouragement, and I would not have broken through the physical and mental thresholds I had established without her. As the runs stretched in length, she kept telling me to win the battle in my mind and the body would follow. I thought she as crazy—and she might be—but she was right. Unlike her, I never dreamed I’d finish a marathon, but it’s amazing what you can do when someone believes in you.

I want to encourage you today to be an encouragement. You are surrounded every day by people who have untapped potential. They’re in need of someone to come alongside them and believe they can do something outside of the norm. Be on the lookout for a person you can become a cheerleader for. Helping someone achieve his or her purpose will also breathe new life into you. Have a great Tuesday!

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