The Currency of Heaven

Psalm 27:10Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me (NIV).

There’s a very simple truth in this verse I want you to grasp today: God will take care of you when those who should can’t or won’t. When those closest to you refuse, or are unable, to provide what you need physically, emotionally, or spiritually, God will amply supply if given the opportunity.

Unfortunately, many people keep God at an arm’s distance because they’ve been hurt or feel abandoned by parents, friends, or other loved ones. They avoid intimacy with everyone (including God) in an attempt to keep from being let down again. If you understand all too well where I’m coming from today, I encourage you to let your guard down. Make yourself vulnerable again. You don’t want to be bankrupt in this area because relationships are the currency of heaven.

God has given us relationships to be a blessing and to add value to one another. However, I realize many people often take more than they give. Perhaps those who should have loved you the most have loved you the least. If so, that’s where our heavenly Father steps in and more than makes up the difference.

While it’s true that God wants us to love and enjoy each other, He doesn’t want us to be dependent on someone else for our personal fulfillment or satisfaction. It’s unfair to expect from others something only God can provide. He alone is able to meet all of our needs in any area and on every level. He’s not even capable of letting us down.

Allow the Holy Spirit to heal your heart right now. May He restore your hope and give you courage in your current and future relationships. Have a great day!

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