Never Lose Your Wonder

Luke 18:17“Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it” (NKJV).

Yesterday afternoon, my friend Larry and I had the opportunity to minister once again to several pastors from the villages surrounding Kampala, Uganda. As I was speaking, I noticed Heidi got up and left the sanctuary. I figured she needed the restroom or something, but I found out afterward that she was taking pictures from different angles inside and outside of the church.

One of the images she captured was of a little girl peeking in through a side window. I noticed her, too, as I was delivering the message to the people. Occasionally, two of her friends or siblings would join her, and I could see all three of their little faces staring inside with amazement. They were probably awestruck to see muzungus in their village. It was not a familiar sight to see people of our skin color, so they wanted to get a good look.

The whole scenario got me to thinking about what Jesus said in Luke 18:17. It is necessary for us to receive Him and His kingdom like a little child. At some point, many believers have a tendency to become too familiar with God, His word, and the church. They lose that awe factor (myself included). Sometimes it seems like we have been “churched” so much that we take our relationship with Him for granted.

I want to encourage you today to never lose your wonder. No matter how long you’ve served the Lord, or how much time you’ve spent studying His word, you have not even begun to scratch the surface of who He is. There are new revelations and dimensions of His character that you have not yet realized, and I believe a child-like faith is the key to going deeper in God. In the same way that little Ugandan girl looked at my friends and me, may we always be awestruck by our Jesus.

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