Another Update

It’s hard to believe that half of our time here in Uganda has come and gone, but it has been wonderful and impactful. Heidi and I are thankful every day to be here, and we are grateful for the relationship we have with Pastors James and Julie Kato. They are such gracious hosts and have certainly kept us busy.

On Monday, our group took a bus three hours to Jinja to the source of the Nile River. It was a surreal experience. Heidi has dreamed of going since she was a teenager, but I didn’t even know to dream for something like this. The river was absolutely beautiful, and we actually took a boat ride on it. We saw otters in the water, monkeys climbing down trees to take a drink, and dozens of different kinds of birds. All I can say is, “Wow.” That night, our friend Larry opened up a week-long revival at Jesus Worship Centre in Nateete, with a powerful message titled, The Mighty God.

Yesterday (Tuesday), we had a chance to relax around the house, so our security guard Amos took us for a four-mile walk. We went to Miracle Centre, which is a very large church in the city, and to King’s Lake. It was great to take in new sights. Last night, Heidi had the opportunity to speak at the second service of the revival. At the end of the message, two men came down to receive Jesus. One of them was a Muslim man, who had stolen a purse from the church the night before. He was caught and let go, but he chose to come back because he sensed something different about us. How cool is that?!

This morning, while you were sleeping, Larry and I went to Bulaga for the first of three meetings with pastors from all around the area. We both ministered and will do so again tomorrow and Friday. Heidi, and several others from our group, went to work with the students at Master’s Kids School. Afterward, they went into downtown Kampala to do some souvenir shopping. Tonight, I will be speaking at the third service of the revival. I can’t wait to share more testimonies with you tomorrow! God is good.

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