Update from Uganda

The last couple of days our internet service has been sketchy here in Uganda, so I’ll try to catch you up on what’s happened since Friday.

On Saturday, we spent six or seven hours at Jesus Worship Centre, as the second day of the medical mission saw a couple hundred more people come through. All in all, about 500 were treated in two days. Pastor James Kato told us Nateete would really benefit from these services every two months, so Heidi and I are going to add a Ugandan medical fund to our non-profit. If you are interested in donating one time or on a monthly basis, we will let you know details when we get home.

Yesterday (Sunday) Heidi and I were taxied to Bunamwaya, a neighboring village within Kampala’s city limits. There we had the privilege of meeting Pastors Mark and Margaret Kiyaga—two of the most beautiful people we’ve ever met. They lead Redeemed Life Church and hundreds of Ugandan believers. We ministered in two services, but were most blessed by the two children’s choirs who sang and danced. They were so full of life and love.

Over the past few days, I have been challenged by the humility of those we’ve come into contact with. Everyone serves with such grace and excellence, and they want to. And they do so in any capacity. Those who are never seen and rarely recognized serve just as well as those who are on the platform. It’s quite humbling, and I’m finding out a little more every day that I have a lot to learn.

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*Contact us at JMI, P. O. Box 135, Forest Hill, LA 71430.

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