Without Honor

Mark 6:4 — Jesus said to them, “Only in his hometown, among his relatives and in his own house is a prophet without honor” (NIV).

Offense causes a breach between you and the person you are offended at. Then you’re unable to give or receive anything of value from that person. In fact, if the person were to make a kind gesture, offense would likely cause you to question his or her motives. And when you are offended with someone, you will not show that person honor. This is what Jesus was up against at His homecoming.

The word honor originates from the Greek word translated time. Honor is assigned to a thing or person considered to be precious or valuable. Such items or people are given preferential treatment, but familiarity is often the cause of dishonor.

I bought my first laptop several years ago. I was so excited! I had always wanted one, and I was determined to take care of it. I honored that laptop; it was extremely valuable to me. I bought a nice case for it and stored it in a secure place. I only took it out to use it, and I would always put it back when finished.

Over time, though, I became more and more familiar with the laptop. I started to be a little rougher with it, and I wasn’t as concerned about keeping it clean and safe as I was before. I even began to leave it out from time to time after using it.

One day, I left it open out on a table in our house and went out of the room for a few minutes. When I came back, I found our oldest son Noah with a mouthful of keys. He had pulled some of the letters off of the keyboard. (I’m pretty sure he was trying to spell our last name, as he had removed the J, K, and O!) Familiarity caused me to treat something valuable as common, and I got burned.

Jesus could not work the miracles He desired to in Nazareth because they treated Him as common. They were familiar with Him because He had grown up there. They hung out with His family; they sat at tables He had made. They viewed Jesus as the carpenter He had once been, and they missed out. I challenge you not to become too familiar with Jesus. Give Him a place of honor in your life. Value Him. He longs to bless you.

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