Just Say No

1 Corinthians 8:7 — And since their conscience is weak, it is defiled (NIV).

Contrary to popular belief, everyone has a conscience. Your conscience gives you an inner sense of what is right and wrong. It judges conduct and motives, and it impels you toward right action. When a person’s conscience becomes weak, he or she has a distorted view of right and wrong.

Many people have developed a tainted idea of what is right and what is wrong because they were mistreated. Emotional, physical, sexual, or verbal abuse can all hinder a person’s ability to judge between good and evil.

Others have been taught that poor behavior is acceptable. Countless children are shown the wrong things to do by their parents, and they learn to accept them as normal. If they are never shown the right things to do, they grow up to be adults who believe wrong is right.

Unfortunately, this is the predicament many well-meaning people find themselves in today. Their consciences have been made weak by no fault of their own. As a result, they live their lives without proper boundaries. They get taken advantage of, and they do not stand up to mistreatment. A weak conscience often causes a person to say, “Yes,” to what’s bad.

Perhaps you are someone who has a hard time saying, “No,” when you know you should. Maybe you’ve been taught that only difficult or unreasonable people say no. I want to encourage you today. Standing up for yourself when you are mistreated does not make you a difficult person. Saying no to someone who tries to get you to take on tasks that you’re not responsible for does not make you unreasonable or lazy.

Allow the Holy Spirit to partner with your conscience. When that still, small voice says, “No,” listen to it, and don’t feel bad about it. Don’t allow guilt or fear to back you into a corner. You do not have to tolerate mistreatment. Wrong will never be right, and it will never be right for you to do wrong.

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