Houston, We Have a Parenting Problem

I am so thankful for Noah and Jack. If you’ve met them, you know they are wonderful people. Just last week, we were traveling (go figure) and stopped at Starbucks to get coffee and use the restroom. As we were walking in, they opened and held the door for two elderly women. They beamed with excitement and went on and on about how our boys were proof chivalry had not died and could make a comeback. I agreed with them, but it took a lot of instruction and practice from Heidi and me to get them to that point.

They didn’t see the times Noah opened the door for himself and let it close on everyone else. They weren’t there when I held the door and Jack raced in front of his mom and brother to enter first. Chivalry didn’t die in our family because Heidi and I wouldn’t let it. We taught the boys, through much trial and error, how to be gentlemen in that regard.

Proverbs 22:6 says, “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it” (NLT). Those ladies raved about our boys because their behavior was not the norm; however, it should be. I believe the biggest problem we have is not with disrespectful young people; it’s with parents who have enabled them to be that way. (Holding the door open for people is just a small drop in a large bucket of issues, but the principle of the matter is the same.)

America has a parenting problem, and today’s youth want to be parented. I see it every day in the public school system. Kids crave discipline, and they have a special love in their hearts for those who give them boundaries and consequences. Heidi and I are not friends with Noah and Jack, and even we’ve told them as much. We are their parents, and it’s our job as parents to train them well. They will ultimately be held accountable for their actions, but we will be held accountable for ours. Please do your part; I’m doing mine.

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