The Very Last

Mark 9:35 — Sitting down, Jesus called the twelve and said, “If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all” (NIV).

Finishing last doesn’t set well with very many people I know, including myself. There’s nothing more humiliating than being picked last on the playground. It’s always embarrassing when your team comes in last place, and it’s a rare person that volunteers to get in the lunch line last.

Last place is not celebrated in our society. In fact, those who finish last frequently become punch lines and are widely regarded as inferior. And since last place is looked upon as unacceptable, many people are in a relentless pursuit to get to the top. Nobody wants to be a loser, so many are bent on proving how valuable they are. They’re willing to do whatever it takes to prove their worth.

If you ask a professional football player at the beginning of the season what his goal is for the upcoming year, he will likely tell you it’s to win the Super Bowl. No honest player is going to say, “Well, we’re gunning for last this season.” No! Last place is intolerable to most athletes. The President doesn’t invite the last place team to visit The White House. He invites the champions!

Businessmen and women want to climb the corporate ladder, not fall off of it. They want to be successful, and the world measures success by a person’s bottom line. Unfortunately, many people in the church have adopted the world’s distaste for finishing last. But Jesus said the person who is very last, and the servant of all, shall be first in the kingdom of God.

I realize this teaching goes directly against what society is trying to engrave into your mind, but I want to challenge you. Become a servant. I’m going to take the next few days to share with you a biblical perspective of servanthood. Enjoy and share.

Mark 10:43 — “Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant” (NIV).

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