That’s Mine!

Isaiah 43:1 — “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are Mine” (NIV).

Humans are possessive by nature. We don’t want anyone to take what belongs to us, especially if it’s something of value. Most people are willing to fight to protect what is rightfully theirs, and this is even true of young children.

After learning to say Daddy, Mommy and No, the next word out of a child’s mouth is often, “Mine!” If we had a dime for every time we heard the word mine when our boys were little, Heidi and I would be receiving preferential treatment from our bank right now. Jack would be playing with something, and Noah would take it away. There was a scream and then the words, “Hey, that’s mine! Give it back to me!” Then five minutes later there’d be a role reversal, and the same scene would play out out. It was quite painful.

When it comes to mankind, God the Father is very possessive. Heidi and I constantly taught our boys to share, but God will not share you with anyone or anything. He makes His feelings about each one of us very clear. He says, “You are Mine!” I pray you find comfort in this truth today.

Sometimes you may feel unnoticed or unwanted, especially when you are in great distress or under attack. The enemy is out to destroy you. He wants to steal you away and cause you to feel inferior. Be confident of this: God has redeemed you, and He knows you by name. He has not lost or misplaced you. You are special to Him, and He protects and fights for you.

Maybe today you don’t feel like you belong. Perhaps you are having a difficult time fitting in or finding purpose in the kingdom of God or life in general. It’s in those moments Satan will come and attempt to lure you away. Find peace in God’s word today. You belong to Him! Hallelujah!

Song of Solomon 7:10 — I belong to my beloved, and his desire if for me (NIV).

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