Squirrel Traps

2 Timothy 2:26They have been trapped by the devil, and he makes them obey him, but God may help them escape (CEV).

Recently, Heidi and I were running together down our road. Many of her family members live around the corner from us, including her mom, brother, grandparents, and others. As we approached her aunt and uncle’s house, Heidi noticed that her uncle had caught a squirrel in one of his traps.

I said, “Hey, that trap has two ways in and no way out.” She replied, “Yep, the only way that squirrel is coming out of there is after Uncle H. H. kills it.” We shared a laugh and continued our run.

Something Heidi’s uncle had put in that trap lured the squirrel in. The bait was easily accessible and desirable, and the critter just couldn’t resist.

Sin is a similar trap. The devil knows what tempts you, and he designs and sets traps with this in mind. Like squirrel traps, there are multiple ways into sin and only one way out. You can either die with sin in the trap, or you can die to sin in Christ.

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