Tunnel Vision

Hebrews 12:2Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith (NIV).

My family has gone on vacation a several times to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. One of the things we enjoyed the most was driving up through Pigeon Forge, past Gatlinburg, and into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous, with rivers and streams weaving alongside the highway and panoramic views every few hundred feet. There’s no place like it on earth.

As we traveled deep into the national park, we drove through several tunnels. We’d roll down our windows and yell to hear the echoes. Though it was enjoyable for the whole family, the purpose of a tunnel is for so much more than entertainment.

Tunnels exist as a means to go through an obstruction. In our case, the tunnels we drove through in Tennessee were built to allow people to pass through an area that would have otherwise been impassable. Also, when we went through a tunnel, we could not see the obstacle we were going through. We could only see what was on the other side. If the tunnel was to be removed, the road would be buried beneath dirt and rock.

The same is true in the spirit realm. Perhaps you are facing a mountain today as you read this. Natural instincts will lead you to try and find a way around the obstacle, but God may be calling you to walk through your circumstance by faith.

The only way to pass through to the other side is by fixing your eyes on Him and His word. This will give you the tunnel vision necessary to go through anything. When your eyes are centered on Jesus, all you can see is Him. Trials and tribulations might be all around you, but you cannot be overwhelmed when you’re focused on Him. But if you take your eyes off of Him, you will either wander aimlessly or be crushed by your circumstance. I encourage you to fix your eyes on Jesus today.

Proverbs 23:26Let your eyes keep to My ways (NIV).

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