Do Something About It

2 Corinthians 13:5 – Test yourselves to make sure you are solid in faith. Don’t drift along taking everything for granted. Give yourselves regular checkups. You need firsthand evidence, not mere hearsay, that Jesus Christ is in you. Test it out. If you fail the test, do something about it (MSG).

Paul was speaking to the church at Corinth about testing themselves to prove Jesus was the center of their lives. As a teacher, I totally understand tests. I frequently give quick, formative assessments to identify where my students’ current understanding is and where I need to go from there. If my students “fail” the test, I don’t just acknowledge the failure and continue moving forward to the next lesson. I do something about it.

My daddy used to say, “I back up and punt again.” Furthermore, I don’t continue to teach the same way over and over and expect to see different results. Chances are if it did not work yesterday, it probably won’t work today. I need a new angle to drive it home. As a result, I will try a new approach and lead my students to look at the same information from another perspective. I can’t just accept that they don’t get it and move on. It is my job to teach them and help them grow in knowledge and understanding.

As Christians, we should be continually growing and changing more into the image of God. This requires assessment, and when we miss the mark or fail the test, we must do something about it. Seek the face of God. Repent where you missed it, and ask for help from the Holy Spirit. Refocus. Set your gaze back on Him. Don’t just settle for a subpar, ho-hum Christian life. Accept the challenge, and do something about it.

—Heidi Jonker

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