Time to Cross Over

Mark 4:37A furious squall came up, and the waves broke over the boat, so that it was nearly swamped (NIV).

Jesus had told His disciples that it was time to go to the other side—to cross over, to leave the crowd. I believe this scenario can represent many different spiritual applications. Today, I would like to compare it to our relationships.

Perhaps you have issues in one or more of your relationships. If so, it’s time for you to leave the pain and go over to the other side into victory. When you make the decision to move forward and cross over from offense to forgiveness, rest assured another storm or squall will come to try and change your mind. Then you have a decision to make: Am I going to be offended again, or am I going to continue to walk in love?

Thankfully, with Jesus in your boat, leading you in triumphant procession, you can remain in faith and walk in forgiveness. After they woke Him, Jesus said to the disciples, “Do you still have no faith?” I laughed at this because I thought about how patient He is with us. The Holy Spirit—our Helper—will stick with you until you get it, even if you’re a slow learner.

So, leave unforgiveness behind and get in the boat of reconciliation with Jesus. Forgive and cross over to the other side. There are people depending on you to get it right. They need to be encouraged by your testimony and see the love of God at work. It’s time to cross over.

—Heidi Jonker

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